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Paintless Dent Removal PDR

An independent paintless dent removal/repair Dent Master.

The art of removing/repairing car dents without the use of body filler or paint.

Paintless Dent Removal is a very specialised skill that requires superb hand to eye coordination accompanied by immense patience.

Based on independent 5 star reviews the #1 Dent Man in the North East of England.

Mark Rennie

New Workshop:  Chester-le-street

Mark Rennie

From my fully equipped premises in Chester Le Street, we offer Free Advice and Free Digital Estimates on a “drop in” basis.

Although preferring to operate from the workshop, mobile service is still available at your desired location.

As my time is currently split between mobile and static work it is always best to give a quick call before showing up.

Assuring you of my very best service at all times Mark Rennie

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Door Dents

Doors are the most common panel on a vehicle to be dented, usually falling prey to the dreaded “supermarket car parks”.

Wing Dents

Being mostly out of sight whilst wheel is on full lock, front wings are usually dented when misjudging distance whilst parking.

Bumper Dents

Even with the modern assist of parking sensors to most modern vehicles, Dent-tek are often called to remove dents from both front and rear bumpers.

Bonnet Dents

The bonnet is subject to many forms of damage, vandalism, low flying objects and debris thrown up from the vehicle travelling in front.

Boot Dents

The boot, being the furthest point from the driver is often dented whilst reverse parking, distance being difficult to judge on large saloons.

Tailgate Dents

Heavy handed closure of the door will always lead to dents in the tailgate, very unsightly though usually repairable

Side Panel Dents

Dents in the side panel (everything that is not a door or wing) can be difficult to repair as gaining access to the rear of such dents is not always an easy task.

Roof Dents

Dents in a car roof tend to fall into three categories, hail damage, vandalism and dents caused by balls.

Any Make

I can use my PDR skills on any make of vehicle

The only differences between vehicle makes is generally what's involved in gaining access to the rear of the dent.

PDR Any make, Any Model of car

Any Model

I can use my PDR skills on any model of vehicle.

I have performed PDR on saloon's, sports cars, convertibles, vans, pick-ups & 4x4's

Free Help & Advice

If you need any help or advice in having your vehicle body damage repaired then please feel free to give me a call, or send in a free estimate request along with any pictures.