Car Bumper Dents

Common Causes

  • Mis-judge distances when parking
  • Turning in tight areas
  • Bumping: bollards; posts; lamp posts

Access Issues

  • Bumper Removal
  • Ceased Fastenings
  • Enclosed Lights & Sensors

Typical Car Bumper Dents

Car Bumper Dents Removed

Rear bumpers are often dented when reversing. Striking low bollards or other stationary objects that can not be seen through rear view mirrors.

Other vehicles colliding with the rear end of your car can leave very dramatic indentations in the plastic bumper

Given the multitude of causes above, plus variables such as: type of car; speed of impact etc a front bumper is likely to receive many types of dent / ding damage.

Very large and what may look to be unrepairable dents can very often be removed from plastic car bumpers with specialist heat sources.

Being out of the line of sight from the driving position of a car the front bumper often gets damaged when we mis-judge distances when parking or turning in tight areas. Another common cause is the front bumper being driven against such as: bollards; posts; lamp posts etc as we mis-judge distances.

Typical Car Bumper Dents

Rear Bumper Dents Removed

Dents in the rear plastic bumpers tend to be on the large side. They are usually but not always on the corners and are generally smooth in nature.

Plastic bumpers are designed to absorb impact, therefore buckle inwards quite easily. Even a slow impact can leave extremely large unsightly looking indentations.

It is possible that the bumper can receive very sharp indentations causing the plastic to split. This type of damage will need to be plastic welded and require the attention of a specialist SMART bumper repair technician.

On modern car designs the bumper is also an integral part of the lower wings, while this in itself does not pose any particular access issue, having to remove the front bumper can often be a bigger job.

Accessing Bumper Dents

Access to the rear of any bumper dent tends to be straight forward, although some newer cars are fitted with composite bumpers that can be made up of plastic and metal parts.

In some cases gaining access to the rear of any bumper dent or dings on this type of bumper may require extra dismantling work to gain access.

Access to most areas of the rear bumper is usually straight forward. Occasionally however foam supports may have to be removed to allow decent access. It is only on the rare occasion that the bumper itself will have to be removed to allow decent access.

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