How much does Paintless Dent Removal Cost?

No two dents are the same and the cost for repair depends on a few factors, size, location and complexity. Dent removal starts from as little as £50. Most Paintless Dent Repairs are cheaper than your insurance excess. Please contact me for a free personal estimate for your dent repairs.

I have more than one dent, will it cost a fortune?

No, very good discounts are given for multiple dent repairs carried out on the same day. Far cheaper than a body shop repair, give me a call you may be pleasantly surprised.

My car is brand new, will the repair affect the warranty?

A paintless dent repair will not affect your vehicles warranty.

Are big dents more expensive?

Not necessarily! Small dents/ dings can often be more difficult and time consuming to repair.

I have to return my lease/rental car and it is dented, can you help?

Absolutely. Penalties for returning lease vehicles with dents can be very high. Let Dent-Tek remove these dents for a fraction of the penalty price, some companies may charge up to £300 per panel.

Someone else has bumped my car and they are paying?

I will gladly supply a written quotation for any repairs to be carried out, along with an invoice on completion. I will however require payment on the day from the vehicle owner.

Iam selling my car, is it worth getting the dents done?

Certainly. A dented car always looks neglected and can dramatically effect the resale or Part X value. You will return a dented can of beans to the shelf in a supermarket for replacement, they are pennies!

Is it cheaper if I try to remove some of it myself?

Definitely not! PDR requires great skill and years to perfect. Having a go yourself could well make a straight forward repair very difficult and expensive to put right, even unrepairable.

Can you work if it is raining?

A repair can be carried out in the rain under the protection of a portable work shelter however cannot be erected in high winds. In extreme weather conditions however a repair may have to be rescheduled for another day.

Will the repair be completely invisible?

All of the images within my website are genuine repairs which I have carried out myself. With all of my repairs I aim for perfection, and in most cases a 100% repair is achieved. However in certain circumstances ie poor access, over stretched metal or very complex dents a perfect repair is not always possible. I do however guarantee that in all of my repairs, every effort is made to return your vehicle to pre accident condition. Any Dent Repair Technician who boasts a 100% repair every time is either being untruthful or cherry picking his jobs.

Can all dents be repaired?

Not all dents will be repairable, the panel may be too badly damaged for Paintless Dent Removal. Sometimes a replacement panel or a bodyshop fill and paint repair is the only option. Please send me a picture of the dent so I can advise on the best option.

Do you do paintwork or scratches?

Dent-Tek do not carry out paintwork however we can still remove the dent, any missing paint can then be touched in by the customer. We can also repair dents in preparation for the body-shop, minimising filler use or even saving on the cost of a new panel. Car scratches/scuffs can also be repaired by a SMART technician.

Is the repair Guaranteed, will the dent come back?

A PDR dent removal is a permanent repair and the dent will not come back unless the car is bumped again.