Car Roof Dent Removal

Common Causes

  • Drunk People/ Vandals Running Across the Panel
  • Items Falling From Shelves in Garage
  • Low Flying Objects, Golf Balls etc
  • Snow Falls from Roofs and Guttering

Access Issues

  • Roof Liner/ Head Liners
  • Internal Bracing Structures
  • Curtain Airbags
  • Courtesy Lights/ Sun visors

Car Roof Dents

Car Roof Dent

As with all car panels, the roof is subject to many types of dents and dings. However because of the common causes they are usually on the large side or quite sharp.

Snow fall from a high roof can cause huge dents not only in the roof but to any car body panel that happens to be in the way.

Many parts of the world suffer from hail storms where the hail can be the size of golf balls. Vehicles that are caught in these storms can have every panel literally peppered with dents. Paintless Dent Repair Specialists are called in to repair these vehicles and get them back on the road looking like new again.

People standing on or running across the panel will cause very large and often unrepairable dents in the roof panel.

A golf ball on the other hand can cause extremely sharp dents. A sharp dent from a golf ball may only look quite small, however as the roof panel is very large it may radiate and cause the panel to stretch several inches. The Dent Repair Specialist has to carefully shrink this metal back into shape

Car roof dents can be very simple to repair, but are generally more complex on some makes/types of vehicles

See below for completed repair of this car roof dent

Access Issues

Car Roof Dent Removed

There are usually two parts to the roof, one is the main Roof Panel and the other is the Roof Rail.

The main roof panel is the very large outer skin which needs internal braces to give it support. These internal supports are bonded to the outer skin and run horizontally across the panel.

The roof rail is the section, usually about 4" in depth which in simple terms is between the door tops and main roof panel. There is often a small insert between the main panel and the rail which incorporates the roof rack holders.

Occasionally if the dent is in the main roof panel, it is possible to gain access by simply easing back the headliner in one particular area.

Access can also be gained through courtesy light cluster apertures once the light is removed. Glue pulling dents in the roof is also another option, if the dent type is suitable.

Difficult Access

If access is not possible then it is very likely that the Headliner or Head Cloth will have to be removed. The way the head liner is bonded to the roof panel varies on different models. It is either relatively straight forward or a very difficult operation to carry out. Often a PDR Tech would have this work carried out in a car body shop. All of the extra work to gain access would then have be incorporated into the price. Even with the extra cost being added, a Paintless Dent Repair to a roof will be only a fraction of having the panel replaced.

The rear of the roof rail section is usually encased in a box section leaving access impossible. Dents to this panel are nearly always glue pulled out.

If a roof dent is suitable for a PDR repair an Expert Dent Remover can achieve superb results, often leaving no trace of the dent at all.

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