Car Door Dents

Common Causes

  • Car Park Mishaps
  • Shopping Trolley Dents/Dings
  • Opening Car Door Against Stationary Objects

Access Issues

  • Upper Door Brace Structure
  • Side Impact Protection Bars
  • Return Curves on Door Edges

Car Park Mishaps/ Trolley Dents

Car park/trolley dent

Very often the front door is subject to being struck whilst in busy car parks. Careless motorists opening car doors, strong winds blowing shopping trolleys etc.

This type of impact may leave minor indentations but can often leave the panel with extremely sharp, highly visible dents. The "swage" or car body line is often the first point of impact for other car doors and often falls prey to nasty sharp, unsightly dings.

Doors are not only confined to minor indentations. Any car panel but especially those on the side are subject to many causes of impact. Many front doors are often seen sporting extremely large and sometimes unrepairable indentations.

Accessing Door Dents

PDR door dent repair

The vast majority of front doors are accessed by sliding uniquely designed bars through the gap between the glass and the weather strip along the door top.

This method usually allows very good access to the mid section of the door. A glass protector shield is used allowing the Dent Repair Specialist to apply pressure and use the strength of the shield for leverage.

I use specialist PDR tools that allow me to gain access to the rear of the dent in many awkward places, but there are situations where I will need to dismantle the inner door.

In some cases I may need to remove the inner door trim/fittings to gain access t the rear of teh dent. The obstructions & complexity of the inner door varies from make to make & between models.

Car doors will have various inner bracing & support structures that occasionally also need to be removed to gain access to the rear of the door dent.

All modern cars have impact protection bars and occasionally the Dentmaster will need to remove full door trims, even handles to allow decent access to the dented area.

Accessing door tops is always very difficult. Most modern cars have an upper door brace, this is an internal metal structure which is there to give the door top strength. Quite often this area is inaccessible even with the door trim removed. A Dent Technician will carry tight access tools though it is very likely that a dent in the door top will have to be glue pulled. Upper door braces will differ greatly in size and complexity depending on the make and model of car. The Dentman will have special tools to very quickly evaluate the situation regarding access to this area

Minor dents in the lower section of the front door can sometimes be repaired through drainage holes. However for larger type dents in this area of the door it is much more likely that the door trim will be removed to allow sufficient access.

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