Miscellaneous Car Dents

Random car dent

What ever shape the object striking the panel is, can transfer itself onto the car body panel. Many outward shapes are also formed when the panel has been forced against impact bars in doors for example.

Inner strengtheners in tailgates can leave very nasty high spots, often splitting the paint.

As can be seen from the example image, vertical & horizontal components impact can stretch & distort the metal into several different types of dent. Car body dents such as this are as unique as a snow flake.

With such complex car dents it is important that the PDR technician has the skill & experience to identify the order in which the dent is repaired. I have been called to many jobs where it was evident that the previous PDR technicians did not have such experience & their work has made the damage worse.

A trained Paintless Dent Remover with the aid of a Line or Fog Board may identify a definite crease which lies at the bottom of the dent. Correctly identifying what lies within the dent is crucial to the outcome of any Paintless Dent Repair.

Access Issues

For a PDR technician to be most effective easy access to the rear of the dent is required, although specialist PDR tools are designed to overcome this limitation. In some cases even specialist tools can not help & interior body fittings may need to be removed.

It is important to understand that the work involved is making access available can often take just as long as the time it takes to remove the dent & as such becomes a cost component of the final repair.

Random car wing dent

More Info

A Paintless Dent Repair Technicians role is to carefully examine the damage prior to any repair taking place. It is vitally important before working the metal to determine the nature of the dent.

Starting any dent repair incorrectly could very easily jeopardize the final outcome.

The skill of identifying the true nature of any car dent takes years of experience to acquire. It is only after having removed many 1000's of car dents over the past decade I have gained this knowledge.

Paintless Dent Removal is more than just a skill, it's an art

Panel Thickness

  • The strength of the car body panel will also determine the shape of a dent.
  • Certain makes of vehicle use a finer grade steel for the production of the panels, leading to excess stretching of the metal when the panel is struck.
  • Dents/ dings in light weight panels can sometimes be extremely difficult, if not impossible to repair.
  • Dent removal from an over stretched flimsy panel would be like trying to repair a sheet of polythene.

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